Arizona Coyotes 2023-24 Thankful List

The text discusses what the Arizona Coyotes are thankful for in the 2023-24 season, including their acquisition of Sean Durzi and the aggressive offseason moves made by GM Bill Armstrong, and what they are hoping for in the future, particularly arena certainty and a true fit at center between Clayton Keller and Nick Schmaltz.

‣ Sean Durzi has emerged as a successful trade acquisition for the Arizona Coyotes, exceeding expectations as their number-one defenseman.
‣ GM Bill Armstrong’s aggressive offseason moves have brought in veteran leadership and contributed to a positive culture shift for the Coyotes.
‣ The Coyotes are in need of arena certainty to ensure the team’s long-term stability and success.

The Arizona Coyotes are feeling grateful this Thanksgiving as they reflect on the early improvements and look forward to what they hope to achieve as the season progresses. The team has been especially thankful for defenseman Sean Durzi, who has quickly proven his worth in the desert. Having surpassed expectations, Durzi has become the undisputed number-one defenseman for the Coyotes, leading the team’s blueliners in several categories, including average ice time, points, and Corsi share at even strength.

Another point of gratitude for the Coyotes is the aggressive offseason moves made by GM Bill Armstrong. His willingness to invest in the team’s core has brought a shift in the squad’s culture and has positioned them as a competitive and entertaining team this season. The addition of Nick Bjugstad has proven to be more consistent and productive than other offseason signings, solidifying his role in the team’s lineup.

Looking ahead, the Coyotes hope for arena certainty as the future location of a new stadium remains uncertain. While their on-ice performance has improved, concerns about finding a long-term home for the team continue to grow, impacting the players’ morale and the organization’s plans for the future.

Finally, the Coyotes are in search of a true fit at center between Clayton Keller and Nick Schmaltz, as they navigate the absence of Barrett Hayton due to injury. With the hopes of contending for a Wild Card spot this season, the team is seeking a consistent and lasting fit in the first-line center role to support their star scorers and maintain their competitive edge.

Alex Thompson
Alex Thompson
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