Brad Marchand Sets Bruins Playoff Goals Record

Brad Marchand set a new Bruins franchise record with his 56th career playoff goal during Game 4 against the Toronto Maple Leafs, surpassing Boston president Cam Neely.

Oh, the guy everyone in hockey loves to despise? He did it again on Saturday night. Brad Marchand snagged another milestone goal.

It happened 8:20 into the second period. We’re talking Game 4 here, Easter Conference first-round playoff series. And it was against the Toronto Maple Leafs, no less.

Marchand’s goal? A power-play beauty. That shot was his 56th career playoff goal. Yep, you heard that right.

He just broke the Bruins franchise record. Before this, Marchand and Cam Neely were neck and neck, both sitting at 55.

And Neely? He’s the current Boston president. Imagine that.

Alex Thompson
Alex Thompson
Alex Thompson is a Senior Writer for HockeyMonitor. With a background in Sports Media, Alex joined the team in 2022. He focuses on providing the latest hockey news, game scores, and fresh NHL trade rumors.

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