Coyotes Aim to Become NHL’s Version of Browns

The franchise is reportedly splitting, with the hockey operations moving to Utah and the business side staying in Arizona, a move confirmed by ESPN and reminiscent of the Cleveland Browns’ situation, while owner Meruelo’s plans for a new arena in Arizona face challenges but include ambitious development proposals for a 2027 opening.

Gambadoro dropped a bombshell. The franchise, he said, would split. Most of the hockey operations are off to Utah. Meanwhile, the business crew? They’re sticking around in Arizona. Emily Kaplan from ESPN gave us a nod on that Saturday, confirming everything.

This whole scenario? It’s kinda like a déjà vu moment with the Cleveland Browns’ revival in ’99. But here’s the twist: the owner’s not packing bags this time. Back in ’96, the NFL let Art Modell morph into the Baltimore Ravens, leaving the Browns’ legacy in Cleveland. Fast forward, and we’ve got whispers of the Coyotes eyeing Salt Lake City, Utah. That’s when Meruelo finally broke his silence.

“We’re juggling a lot right now,” he admitted, keeping details scarce. “Can’t spill the beans just yet, but trust me, I’ll clear the air soon.”

The catch with Meruelo’s big NHL deal? He’s gotta get a new arena up and running in Arizona. Sounds simple, right? Well, not exactly. The Coyotes are eyeing a spot in north Phoenix, which seems to be Meruelo’s battlefield of choice.

On April 5, the Coyotes teased us with their vision for a massive 95-acre development. We’re talking an 18,500-seat arena, a cozy spot for 17,000 hockey fans, plus their HQ and practice digs. Don’t forget the live music venue, a shopping paradise, and even some homes. Xavier Gutierrez, the Coyotes’ prez, is aiming for a groundbreaking in 2025. If all goes to plan, they’ll be opening doors in time for the 2027 season opener.

Alex Thompson
Alex Thompson
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