Insider Discusses Potential Sidney Crosby Trade by Penguins

Sidney Crosby, a three-time Stanley Cup champion with the Pittsburgh Penguins, is expected to remain with the team and possibly lead a younger roster in the future, despite speculation about a trade to speed up the team’s rebuild, as he feels a strong sense of pride and responsibility towards the franchise and has no interest in playing for another team.

The Pittsburgh Penguins could, in theory, push for a quick roster revamp. They’d consider asking Sidney Crosby, a legend with three Stanley Cup wins, to agree to a trade this summer. But, Josh Yohe from The Athletic threw a bucket of cold water on that fiery speculation in a recent mailbag.

“He’s sticking around, come what may,” Yohe remarked about Crosby. Since 2007, Crosby has been the face and captain of the team. That role, Yohe believes, fills him with immense pride and a deep sense of duty. “After 15 years of knowing him, it’s clear. He’s not interested in playing for any other team. Chasing championships elsewhere? That’s just not him.”

The Penguins, once boasting the longest active playoff streak in North American professional sports, missed the postseason last spring. This marked a significant shift, signaling perhaps the end of an era. Recently, they’ve even started selling off assets as the trade deadline approached. Despite the rumblings, Mike Sullivan, the head coach, seems to have the full backing of Kyle Dubas, the club president and general manager. Pierre LeBrun of The Athletic got the scoop directly from Dubas.

Crosby’s contract is winding down, with just one season left. Yet, rumors swirl about an extension coming as soon as July. This, despite him turning 37 soon and playing for a team that’s not exactly in its prime. Crosby’s loyalty to the Penguins is legendary; he’s been with them since his NHL debut in October 2005.

Yohe believes Crosby dreams of leading a young, vibrant Penguins team to glory in the future. “There’s something almost poetic about it,” Yohe muses. “Sid the Kid,” guiding the next generation, showing them the ropes before he hangs up his skates. For the young Penguins, having Crosby around is invaluable. He’s not just a player; he’s a mentor, a guide, a legend.

As of Wednesday, according to ESPN stats, Crosby still ranks high in the NHL. With 33 goals, he’s tied for 16th, and with 69 points, he’s 23rd. Even as the Penguins struggle, Crosby’s performance remains stellar. He could be a boon to any championship contender. Yet, it seems he’s made up his mind. Crosby intends to finish his career with the Penguins, no matter the state of the team. His commitment is unwavering, a testament to his character and love for the game and his team.

Alex Thompson
Alex Thompson
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