Lindgren Brothers’ Ongoing Silence: Communication Breakdown Continues

Despite a pre-series agreement to resume communication after their teams’ playoff series, the Lindgren brothers, Ryan and Charlie, have yet to reconnect following the New York Rangers’ sweep over the Washington Capitals, with Charlie expressing mixed feelings about the situation and hesitance to immediately support his brother’s team in the next round.

The Lindgren brothers had a pact. Once the Eastern Conference first-round playoff series was over, they’d start talking again. But, things didn’t go as planned.

Ryan’s New York Rangers faced off against Charlie’s Washington Capitals. Normally, the brothers are in constant communication, chatting or texting regularly. This time, they decided to cut off all communication during the series.

The series ended on Sunday night, with the Rangers sweeping the Capitals in four games. Yet, silence prevailed between the brothers.

Charlie, the goalie for Washington, admitted to feeling awkward about reaching out. “We’re in that awkward phase right now where I don’t think I’m ready to reach out, and he probably doesn’t know where I’m at,” he shared with Sammi Silber of The Hockey News.

After the series, during the handshake, they had a brief moment. Charlie told his brother, “I love you, bro. Good luck.” Despite the competition, Charlie treasures playing against Ryan, his younger brother.

Charlie is 30, and Ryan, a defenseman, is 26. “Just getting the chance to play in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs against him was a treasure,” Charlie reflected. He wished things had gone differently but cherished the memory.

It’s still too soon for Charlie to root for Ryan’s team in their next series against the Carolina Hurricanes. However, he’s clear about one thing. If the Rangers advance to the conference final, his support for his brother will be unwavering.

Alex Thompson
Alex Thompson
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