Maple Leafs Deadline Day Moves Explained by Last-Minute Deals

Nick Kypreos reported in the Toronto Star that the Toronto Maple Leafs made conservative last-minute moves at the NHL trade deadline, focusing on defense without pursuing big-name targets, due to the high costs of trading, by adding Ilya Lyubushkin, Cade Webber, Joel Edmundson, and forward Connor Dewar.

Nick Kypreos recently dropped some info in the Toronto Star. It’s all about the Toronto Maple Leafs and their last-ditch efforts at the NHL trade deadline. Defense was the name of the game, with two key additions shaking things up. But, there’s a twist. The big fish? Not even on the radar for GM Brad Treliving.

The price tags this season? Sky-high. Yet, as the clock ticked down, some bargains popped up. The Maple Leafs, though? They tread lightly. Opting not to splash out or gamble big. Their strategy was more… measured.

Enter Ilya Lyubushkin, Cade Webber, and Joel Edmundson. These guys are the new faces on defense. Oh, and let’s not forget Connor Dewar, who’s joining the forward lineup. To the average Joe, these moves seemed pretty tame.

Alex Thompson
Alex Thompson
Alex Thompson is a Senior Writer for HockeyMonitor. With a background in Sports Media, Alex joined the team in 2022. He focuses on providing the latest hockey news, game scores, and fresh NHL trade rumors.

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