Milan Lucic Not Returning to Bruins This Season

Milan Lucic will not return to play for the Boston Bruins in the 2023-24 season despite domestic violence charges against him being dropped, as he remains on indefinite leave for personal rehabilitation.

Milan Lucic, the Bruins winger, found himself in a bit of a tight spot earlier this Friday. Charges of domestic violence against him were dropped. But, don’t hold your breath. Seeing him back in a Boston uniform for the 2023-24 season? Not gonna happen.

The team was quick to release a statement. Reporters, including Steve Conroy from the Boston Herald, got the scoop. “Milan Lucic will remain on indefinite leave,” they said. He’s out for the rest of the 2023-24 season. The Bruins are behind Milan and his family all the way as he works through his personal rehabilitation.

Back in July, Lucic inked a deal for a year with Boston. That contract? It was worth a cool $1M, not to mention another $500K in bonuses that are a bit hush-hush. And now, with summer on the horizon, he’s hitting the market again as an unrestricted free agent.

Remember November? That’s when the drama kicked off. Lucic was on LTIR and found himself seeking help from the NHL/NHLPA Player Assistance Program shortly after his arrest. Thanks to this, the Bruins have a bit of wiggle room. They can keep Lucic on LTIR and play around with the salary cap, stretching it by up to $1M for the season’s remainder.

Alex Thompson
Alex Thompson
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