Oilers analyst predicts a major trade

The Edmonton Oilers are facing pressure with their poor record this season and are expected to make a big, painful trade in an attempt to turn things around, despite the fact that it likely won’t make much of a difference.

‣ Allan Mitchell (Lowetide) suggested that the Edmonton Oilers could call up names like Raphael Lavoie and/or Ben Gleason from the AHL, or sign Jaroslav Halak to alleviate pressure
‣ The Oilers are expected to make a big, ugly, painful trade sending away future for the present and will likely get very little in return
‣ A trade is unlikely to make a significant difference to the team’s performance and the only thing that will help is the current team working itself out of its own funk

The Edmonton Oilers are in trouble this season, but what can the team do to make things better? Scribe and radio host Allan Mitchell (Lowetide) suggested that the Oilers might be looking at a big trade as a way to turn things around. He writes, “Expect a trade. A big, ugly, painful trade sending away more future for right now.” He predicts the Oilers will give away first-round picks, Philip Broberg, Xavier Bourgault, plus “hood ornaments, odds and sods, your mom’s pancake recipe and anything not nailed down.”

Mitchell calls it a “big, ugly, painful trade” because the Oilers aren’t going to get a lot in return for what they’re giving up. While the player(s) who come back in the trade might be what the Oilers need, better options aren’t available, and the return should be higher. GM Ken Holland will have little choice but to make the trade despite not getting much in return.

The sad reality is, a trade likely won’t make a huge difference for the Oilers. This team is not one player away from contending, and there are many issues contributing to their struggles. The only thing that will help is for this current team to work itself out of its own funk. Players need to start playing with more effort and determination.

A trade will come simply because doing nothing might be unacceptable at this point. Even a bad trade might be better than no trade at all, which is scary to think about. The team desperately needs to get out of its own way and start playing better.

Alex Thompson
Alex Thompson
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