Rangers’ Matt Rempe Gets 4-Game Suspension for Elbowing Devils’ Siegenthaler

New York Rangers forward Matt Rempe has been suspended for four games by the NHL Department of Player Safety for an illegal elbow hit on New Jersey Devils defenseman Jonas Siegenthaler, marking his second consecutive game with an illegal hit.

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In a recent game, New York Rangers’ Matt Rempe found himself in hot water. He’s been slapped with a four-game suspension for elbowing Jonas Siegenthaler of the New Jersey Devils. It happened Monday night.

The NHL’s Department of Player Safety didn’t take long to call the hit illegal. It was late in the second period when Rempe, aiming for a big hit, ended up elbowing Siegenthaler in the head. The impact was significant enough to send the Devils’ defenseman off the ice with an injury. And Rempe? He got a game misconduct right there.

By Tuesday, Rempe had his hearing. The verdict? A four-game suspension. The league’s explanation was clear. They pointed out that this wasn’t about bad timing or an accidental collision. Rempe, they said, deliberately “flared his elbow up and away from his body.” He knew he might miss his check.

This isn’t the first time Rempe’s been in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. Just the game before, he was penalized for a hit on Nathan Bastian. Postgame, Devils’ Kurtis MacDermid was vocal. He’d offered to settle scores with Rempe on the ice, but Rempe didn’t take the bait. MacDermid didn’t mince words later. He criticized Rempe’s refusal to “answer the bell” and questioned his sportsmanship.

So, what’s next for Rempe? He’ll be sitting out games against the Carolina Hurricanes, Tampa Bay Lightning, Pittsburgh Penguins, and New York Islanders. He won’t be back until the Rangers face off against the Winnipeg Jets on Tuesday night.

Quite the drama, huh?

Alex Thompson
Alex Thompson
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