San Jose Sharks Offseason Checklist

The Sharks are considering their options with Vlasic, including a potential buyout to free up a roster spot, while also looking to leverage Granlund’s unexpected productive season and their cap space to acquire future assets, either through trades or by taking on unwanted contracts.

Last season, the Sharks often left Vlasic out of the lineup. Despite this, benching him for another two years isn’t what they ideally want. Grier, the team’s decision-maker, has a tough choice ahead.

One option on the table is a buyout. This wouldn’t save a ton of cash or cap space but would free up a spot for someone else. Plus, it’d give Vlasic a shot at a fresh start elsewhere. The financials? A buyout would mean a cap hit of $3.833M next year, then $4.833M, followed by two years at $1.333M.

A trade seems like a long shot. Unless they’re willing to swap for another hefty, underperforming contract, it’s unlikely. And demoting Vlasic to the AHL? That doesn’t sit right, considering his contributions.

So, what’s the Sharks’ play with Vlasic? Stick with the status quo or let him go? Grier’s got some time to decide, with the buyout window closing just before the new season kicks off on July 1st.

Now, onto Granlund. He was part of the Karlsson deal, a move that at first seemed questionable. His performance post-trade wasn’t stellar. But then, something clicked this season.

Despite the team’s overall struggles, Granlund shined. He racked up 12 goals and 48 assists, a personal best. His contribution was significant, involved in a third of the team’s goals.

This summer, as teams scramble for impact players, Granlund stands out. He’s on an expiring contract after a 60-point season. This gives Grier a unique opportunity to trade for future assets, a prospect that seemed unlikely just a few months ago.

However, there’s a hitch. Grier can’t sweeten the deal by retaining some of Granlund’s salary. But, a trade isn’t off the table if he’s open to taking back another sizable contract.

The Sharks are sitting on a lot of cap space, thanks to their sell-off strategy. This gives them a unique position this summer. They could chase free agents, but a smarter move might be to absorb unwanted contracts.

This strategy could bring in extra picks or prospects. It’s a path not available through signing free agents, unless it’s a short-term deal meant for flipping later. Right now, the Sharks don’t have many assets to trade, with most of their roster untouchable or not valuable enough.

Hence, welcoming bad contracts now could be their ticket to rebuilding. With many teams looking to shed salary, the Sharks could become quite popular in the trade market.

Alex Thompson
Alex Thompson
Alex Thompson is a Senior Writer for HockeyMonitor. With a background in Sports Media, Alex joined the team in 2022. He focuses on providing the latest hockey news, game scores, and fresh NHL trade rumors.

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