Sharks Dismiss Head Coach David Quinn Following Two Seasons

The San Jose Sharks fired head coach David Quinn after a last-place finish in the 2023-24 season, marking a continuation of their rebuilding process amid a record of poor performance.

Getty Images caught everyone’s attention again.

This time, it’s because the San Jose Sharks are making big moves. They’ve officially joined the NHL coaching merry-go-round after a rough season. Yep, you heard it right. David Quinn, the head coach, got the boot on Tuesday.

Quinn came on board before the 2022-23 season. He inherited a team that, frankly, was struggling to find its footing. With a record of 22-44-16 in his debut season, things were tough from the get-go. And it didn’t get any better.

By the 2023-24 season, the Sharks hit rock bottom. They had the worst record in the league: 19-54-9. Their goal differential? A staggering -150. It’s been ages since they were this bad—since 1995-96, to be exact.

Mike Grier, the general manager, had a lot to say. “After our end-of-season reviews, we’ve decided to make a tough call. We’re changing our head coach.” He praised Quinn, though. Said he’s a good coach, a great person. Grier’s thankful for Quinn’s dedication during these rocky times.

Quinn’s time with the Sharks wraps up with a 41-98-25 record. Over his five-year NHL coaching career, including a stint with the New York Rangers, he’s at 137-185-50.

Looking ahead, the Sharks are on the hunt for someone new. Someone who’s got a knack for molding young talent. With a bunch of promising prospects and the 2024 NHL Draft coming up, it’s an exciting time. They’re hoping to turn things around and start a new chapter.

Alex Thompson
Alex Thompson
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