Sharks Secure No. 1 Pick in 2024 NHL Draft Lottery for First Time

The San Jose Sharks won the 2024 NHL Draft Lottery, securing the No. 1 pick for the first time ever and are expected to select Macklin Celebrini, alongside having the No. 14 pick from a trade with the Pittsburgh Penguins, in a draft where the top 16 picks mirrored the standings exactly for the first time since 2010.

For the first time ever, the San Jose Sharks snagged the No. 1 pick. This came after their win at the 2024 NHL Draft Lottery on a Tuesday night that’s sure to be remembered. They ended the regular season at rock bottom, with the league’s worst record. This gave them the highest odds going into the lottery. And guess what? The top 16 picks mirrored the standings exactly. No surprises there, with teams staying put. It’s a rarity, really. The last time this happened was back in 2010.

But there’s more good news for the Sharks. They’re not just celebrating the No. 1 pick. They’ve also got the No. 14 overall pick. This one came from the Pittsburgh Penguins, sealing a deal for defenseman Erik Karlsson. That pick had a safety net, being top-10 protected. So, had the Penguins jumped into the top 10, they’d have held onto their pick. Instead, they’ll send their 2025 first-rounder to San Jose.

Now, onto the buzz about who the Sharks will pick. All eyes are on Macklin Celebrini, the top dog in this year’s draft class. He’s not expected to be the next Crosby or McDavid, but he’s got something special. The Sharks are betting he’ll be a game-changer for their rebuild. Last season was tough, with the Sharks finishing at the bottom of the league. Their draft history has seen them pick at No. 2 three times, but never No. 1. This year, they’re making history at the draft, set for June 28-29 in the Las Vegas Sphere.

Let’s not forget the rest of the draft lottery results. The lineup from No. 1 to No. 16 is set, with the Sharks also claiming the 14th spot, thanks to the Penguins. A noteworthy mention is the Senators’ dilemma. They’ve got 24 hours to decide on forfeiting their first-round pick this year. It’s a penalty for a botched trade involving Evgenii Dadonov back in 2022. And Utah, stepping in for the relocated Arizona Coyotes, will make its first-ever pick at No. 6. Quite the draft season, isn’t it?

Alex Thompson
Alex Thompson
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