William Nylander Scores, Gives Leafs 1-0 Lead Against Bruins

William Nylander scored late in the second period to lead the Toronto Maple Leafs to a 1-0 lead against the Boston Bruins in Game 6, with Toronto dominating the game and setting a record for the Bruins’ fewest shots in the first period of a playoff game since 1959-60.

William Nylander lit up the scoreboard, putting the Toronto Maple Leafs ahead. It was 1-0. And this happened with just 55 seconds ticking down in the second period of Game 6. They were up against the Boston Bruins, right in the thick of their Eastern Conference first-round series.

The Leafs? They were on fire from the get-go. Dominating? Absolutely, especially during that first period and as the second got underway.

In that opening period, Toronto was relentless, outshooting Boston 12-1. Talk about setting the tone. The Bruins, well, they barely got a look in. Their first shot in the second period, which was only their second in the game, didn’t come until we were more than seven-and-a-half minutes in. Since the NHL started keeping track of shots on goal in the 1959-60 season, that’s the fewest shots Boston’s managed in the first period of a playoff game.

Alex Thompson
Alex Thompson
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