Future of Former 11th Overall Pick Uncertain

Yaroslav Askarov was supposed to be the Predators’ main goalie.

But things took a turn when Juuse Saros signed an eight-year, $61.92M contract extension that lasts until the 2033-34 season. This move immediately made everyone question what would happen to Askarov’s future with the team. In an interview with Pavel Panyshev from Championat, Askarov’s agent Dan Milstein added more confusion by saying they are exploring different options for Askarov, insisting he has shown he’s ready for the NHL.

However, it’s tough to agree with Milstein since Askarov only has three NHL games under his belt. Although he performed well in those games with a 2.58 GAA and a .914 SV%, it’s still too small of a sample size to draw any firm conclusions. Last season, though, he had a strong year in the AHL playing for Milwaukee. He played in 44 games and improved his stats significantly: matching his .911 SV% from his rookie year while lowering his GAA by 30 points to 2.39, ranking fifth among qualifying goalies .

Askarov’s Future:

Fans might think this whole situation is pretty confusing and frustrating .

Askarov can stay waiver-exempt for two more seasons, so GM Barry Trotz could keep him as the top goalie for the Admirals during that time. This aligns with Scott Wedgewood’s contract length, who joined during their July 1st spending spree. So theoretically, Askarov could become second-string in the 2026-27 season.

But Milstein hinted they want something different – getting Askarov into regular NHL action much sooner than later. This isn’t new; there were trade rumors about him during the 2023 draft but nothing panned out then.

If Trotz decides to explore trading Askarov again, it won’t be easy since they’re almost capped out after their offseason moves. They might look at trading for future assets like draft picks or prospects instead of current players due to budget constraints .

When Saros signed that long-term deal, it made everyone wonder about where Askarov fits in long-term with Nashville. Now it seems fair to question even his short-term future based on what Milstein is suggesting .

What do you think will happen next?

Alex Thompson
Alex Thompson
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