Kaiden Guhle of Canadiens Suspended for One Game

Canadiens defenseman Kaiden Guhle received a one-game suspension for slashing Flyers winger Travis Konecny from the bench, marking his first disciplinary action, resulting in a salary forfeiture of just under $4.5K.

The verdict’s out for Kaiden Guhle, the Canadiens defenseman. He’s been slapped with a one-game suspension. Why? Well, during Thursday’s game, he took a slash at Flyers winger Travis Konecny. Right from the bench.

This wasn’t just any slash. Guhle was retaliating. Moments before, Konecny had hit Juraj Slafkovsky, another winger. And it all went down in the tense final seconds of the second period.

But here’s the thing. Any bench-to-ice contact? It’s a big no-no. The Department of Player Safety made it clear in their ruling video. Normally, this kind of thing might just earn a penalty or a fine. But Guhle? He went too far, earning himself a one-game timeout.

It’s a first for Guhle. This kind of discipline, I mean. And it’s gonna cost him—nearly $4.5K, to be exact. That’s out of his $863.3K AAV. Where’s the money going? Straight to the Players’ Emergency Assistance Fund.

So, what’s next? Guhle’s sitting out the next game. That’s against Carolina on Saturday. This opens the door for Johnathan Kovacevic to jump back into the lineup. But don’t worry, Guhle fans. He’ll be back on the ice for Tuesday’s face-off against Florida.

Alex Thompson
Alex Thompson
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