Maple Leafs Defenseman Suspended After Cheap Shot Following Goal

Morgan Rielly of the Toronto Maple Leafs has been suspended for five games by the NHL for a late hit on Ottawa’s Ridly Greig, sparking an on-ice brawl, a decision that has left both sides of the hockey community dissatisfied.

Morgan Rielly of the Toronto Maple Leafs is in hot water. He’s been slapped with a five-game suspension by the NHL. Why? Well, he took a cheap shot at Ottawa’s Ridly Greig, sparking a massive on-ice fight last weekend.

The drama unfolded at the tail end of Ottawa’s 5-3 victory on Saturday. Greig had just nailed a slap shot into Toronto’s empty net, sealing the deal. To some, this move broke the NHL’s “code” of unwritten rules. Rielly’s response? A cross-check to Greig’s head. And just like that, fists were flying.

Here’s the scoop on the play.

The NHL’s Department of Player Safety didn’t take this lightly. They offered Rielly an in-person hearing. This move meant they could bench him for more than five games if they wanted. The outcome? Rielly’s wallet is taking a hit, losing over $195K in salary.

But here’s the thing – the five-game suspension is stirring the pot. The Maple Leafs and those who fancy a bit of old-school, eye-for-an-eye hockey are fuming. They think Rielly was just doing what had to be done. On the flip side, Ottawa fans and folks who cringe at cheap shots see this as a mere slap on the wrist. They argue the attack was uncalled for, happening after the play was over and unrelated to the game’s flow.

But let’s get real for a second.

Grieg? He didn’t step out of line. He scored – and it was a stunner – in the dying moments of a heated rivalry match. No showboating, no taunting the Maple Leafs. Just hockey. If the Leafs had an issue with Greig’s goal, well, they should’ve played harder. Winning the game would’ve been the best comeback, right?

Alex Thompson
Alex Thompson
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