Maple Leafs Star Status Revealed by Insider

The future of Mitch Marner with the Toronto Maple Leafs is a hot topic this NHL offseason.

Trade rumors have been swirling around Marner since the season ended, and he’s got just one year left on his contract before he becomes a free agent. Many think the Maple Leafs should trade him now rather than lose him for nothing next year. However, Chris Johnston from The Athletic recently shared his thoughts on the “SDPN podcast,” saying that trading Marner is actually not very likely.

Johnston said, “It’s probably slightly more likely he walks than signs an extension but not significantly so.” He added that if betting lines were set now, the favorite would be Marner leaving as a free agent. Re-signing comes next, and trading him is the least likely option.

Fans might wonder why Toronto wouldn’t just re-sign their star forward. After all, they could always give the 27-year-old player a raise from his current $10.9M salary.

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But what if things don’t go as planned? Sometimes teams make unexpected moves that surprise everyone. Maybe they’ll pull off something no one sees coming! And isn’t unpredictability part of what makes sports exciting?

Fans are probably thinking about how this will affect the team’s future. Will they be stronger or weaker without Marner? It’s hard to say right now.

In conclusion, do you think Toronto should trade Marner or try to keep him longer?

Alex Thompson
Alex Thompson
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