McDavid’s Conn Smythe Response Sparks Policy Change

Matt Larkin recently argued that the Conn Smythe Trophy should only go to a player from the Stanley Cup-winning team.

He quoted J-S Giguere, who said it felt awkward to win the award when his team lost in the Stanley Cup Final.

Giguere recalled how strange it was to get the trophy alone on the ice and then hide it because he knew his teammates wouldn’t want to see it.

Connor McDavid’s Stand

Some people think McDavid was wrong for not coming out for the Conn Smythe presentation, but he showed solidarity with his team. Giguere once did come out for his trophy, but he quickly realized how odd it felt. He didn’t even bring it into the locker room because losing made everything feel bittersweet.

Fans might think this shows how much players care about their team’s feelings over personal glory.

Who Should Get The Trophy?

This sparks a debate: Should only players from winning teams get the Conn Smythe? Some say yes because it’s weird for a losing player to get such an honor. They believe celebrating individual excellence is important even if their team doesn’t win.

But others argue that hockey is all about teamwork, and awards should reflect that. Giving the Conn Smythe only to winners would emphasize collective success over individual achievements.

Changing this could avoid awkward moments like Giguere’s and McDavid’s experiences. It would make celebrations more meaningful as they would be shared with teammates.

The Complex Debate

This issue isn’t simple; it’s about balancing individual talent with team success. McDavid’s case shows why we might need new rules for one of hockey’s top awards. Whether fans agree or not, it’s clear this topic deserves more discussion among everyone who loves hockey.

What do you think? Should only winners get the Conn Smythe?

Alex Thompson
Alex Thompson
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