Red Wings Captain Discusses Tough Season End & Missing NHL Playoffs

Despite a season of improvement, the Detroit Red Wings missed the playoffs for a record eighth consecutive year, with captain Dylan Larkin expressing determination to use the disappointment as motivation for future success, amidst personal challenges and a crucial injury that impacted the team’s performance.

The Red Wings? Oh, they definitely stepped up their game this season. Still, they just missed the playoff cut. That’s eight straight seasons now, setting a new record for the franchise. Captain Dylan Larkin? He’s taking this miss hard but is ready to channel that frustration into fuel for next season. “This stings,” he admitted, according to Ansar Khan from He’s looking at the bright side, though. Hoping the pain turns into a driving force for him and the team. A mix of hunger and a bit of anger from this experience? He’s counting on it to push them through the summer.

Thursday was locker clean-out day for the Wings. Yet, the shock of the season’s abrupt end lingered. They were sitting pretty in a playoff spot at February’s end, cushioned by eight points. Then March happened. A nightmare of a month that led to a nail-biting finish. Detroit managed to win their last three games, but not in regular time. Two wins came in overtime and the final victory in a shootout. They ended up tied with the Capitals at 91 points. But, alas, Washington snagged the playoff spot due to more regulation wins. “It sucks,” Larkin confessed. No reward at the end, but the experience? It was revealing and intense, shining a light on the team’s spirit and resilience.

For Larkin, the season was personally challenging. He faced a heartbreaking miscarriage with his wife and was sidelined for 14 games. Eight of those were due to an injury in March. Patrick Kane pointed out that Larkin’s absence was a pivotal reason for their playoff miss. The team’s performance dipped significantly without him. Yet, Larkin didn’t let these setbacks dampen his spirits. He returned to finish the season with personal bests: 33 goals and 69 points in 68 games. Kane didn’t mince words about Larkin’s impact. On the ice or off, his leadership and drive are irreplaceable. His return not only boosted the team’s performance but also highlighted his critical role in the squad.

Besides his on-ice contributions, Larkin’s off-ice actions haven’t gone unnoticed. He’s Detroit’s nominee for the King Clancy Memorial Trophy this year. This honor recognizes a player’s leadership and humanitarian efforts. Larkin’s commitment to the community and his qualities as a leader are in the spotlight, showcasing his influence extends far beyond the rink.

Alex Thompson
Alex Thompson
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